Find your Centre: Backbends and Inversions

Where: Yogalife Studios North

When: October 8, 2017

Time: 2:30-5:30 pm

This workshop is based on finding more intelligent stability within the body through utilizing mid-line awareness, less pushing and more listening and refining. 

We will begin the class with a dynamic flow to warm up and integrate specific movements in the body, from there we will explore how those movements come together to stabilize very basic back bends like camel and bow, into more intricate postures like full wheel and scorpion.  From there we will take a look at how these same actions show up when we go upside down from step 1 of headstand or handstand to the full meal deal. 

We will get smart, experiment, and play. 



Going Deep: An Ecstatic Experience

Familiarize yourself with the remembrance of Ecstatic Joy, and reflect it out into your community with heartfelt excitement & vibrant bliss.

Sipping on a sacred Cacoa beverage, exploring the density of your being through blindfolded yoga-movement, expanding your consciousnesses through breath & allowing the sounds of crystal singing bowls, planetary gongs, healing flutes, vocal Harmonics & more... To guide you deeper into your true nature. 

Sarah Zandbeek & Kris Elaschuk, will be holding the space & facillitating you though this evening of awakening.

RSVP before June 3, $25
At the door, $30
***All payment/cash is collected at the door.

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