Many are afraid of conflict, so they sacrifice Truth for harmony. 

We preach non-violence, honesty, non-stealing, non-possessiveness and yet we possess and steal the truth and leave those on the other side in pain. In our hearts we were trying to protect, but we have forgotten that protection from what is real is the most harmful thing we can do to one another. 

I am okay with conflict. I am tired of my intuition being stolen from me and my allowing of this to happen. We are all intuitive, we know a lie when we feel one and yet we've been lied to so much we no longer trust our intuition. 

There are many of us trying to regain this power, our siddhis, it is not easy as so many unconsciously lie, afraid that their truth isn't enough. 

May we all help each other feel enough, that our truth in this current moment is enough, and rest in the assurance that all of what we/they know now will evolve at its perfect pace. If you can't be in truth, question the path your feet are walking and let it change if it needs to change. 

You have choice, utilize it. 

Satnam ✌🏼️