My Life Philosophy, so far


Listen to good music.  Eat good, ethical food. Make loving your partner a Spiritual practice.  Do what you Love, often…like all the time.  Grow roots so you can spend sweet time in community.  Find your people, the ones that “know,” and keep them close to your heart (friction is growth).  Buy books, even if you don’t read them, the opening of the cover asks the book to start teaching you (read or not).  Move your body, even when you don’t want to.  Discipline is not Hitler; Discipline is the action of devotee.  Get to know your self and know that there will be a period of selfish behavior in doing so and that is perfectly fine. Make yourself highly potent elixirs that offer your cellular body, nervous system, and endocrine system relief and vitality.  Enjoy living, especially during the monotony that can sometimes be physical life.  Root to rise and rise to root, the place in between is where the magic happens; they work together.  Get close with death mentally and emotionally, that’s how it’s possible to love deeply and in full freedom.  Know that when you’re being resistant, you’re simply denying yourself the ability to learn.   Work to refine and know that as you refine, you’ll come to realize, you have no idea what you’re doing.  Find people that share your type of humor and laugh your ass off with them, often.   Question yourself: why should you have a clue what you are doing? Remember that your philosophy will change as life passes.  Don’t be afraid to move things around, even if they look great, stagnancy is the death of the heart.  You don’t need to define yourself.  Attachment is nothing but slavery.  You are unique – be that.  The middle path is a beautiful place, perhaps, before you get there, you could learn the extremes and the medicine of them.  Be wise.  You have a purpose, some call it a Dharma - go there, the path isn’t easy per se, but it’s the only way.  Learn the frequency of Truth.   Don’t gossip - talk about real shit, with people down to get real.