Though I have titled this “changes,” I moderately dislike the word.  Or perhaps the way the definition of the word has come to make it seem like a negative thing.  I prefer the word “evolving.”  Evolving we define as simply growing, a process we are continuously enduring.  A process so beautiful and so full of lessons; with each lesson we get stronger, more compassionate, and kind.  These lessons are sometimes harder than we could ever imagine and they force us to stare into the good, the bad and the ugly, all of which are perfect in their own skin.  Watch how you define things.

When we begin to acknowledge our own states as being true to our self, when we understand that the cyclic flow of emotion is normal and that being sad, angry, mad, depressed, etc is beautiful and natural and we find honor in it, we allow ourselves to freely experience life’s essence.  In doing this, we recognize and have great compassion for the man across the street expressing his self fully and we no longer see him as crazy, we feel him and we remember what that is in our self and we experience pure compassion and connection to him.  We are ONE, brothers and sisters.


I have been very fortunate in the last couple months (well, I’ve always been very fortunate).  I have learned many things:

  • ·       The power of seeking “the lesson” in all events, good and bad…but always good ;)
  • The strength in doing “the work” no matter how horribly difficult it is and how many times I want to avoid it and let it store itself in my beautiful vessel, but decide to let out a stammering ROAR instead…mmm Roaring!
  •   Learning to love openly, with no need, no attachment.  There is much strength in vulnerability…
  • Learning to understand the intricate play of balance between many things, the masculine and feminine, work and play, studying and sun bathing, practicing and teaching, listening and sharing, doing and not doing, pushing and letting go.
  • Co-creating all that occurs around me, the power of the mind and its will.
  • Strength is in community.  I am so fortunate to have the friends and loves that I do.  I have always found saying “I love you” difficult, and I would hold out until I was 100% sure so as to not over-use such precious words, but I have found myself, whole heartedly saying “I love you” all the time lately.  I love you.
  • The love of really feeling emotions.  Watching them move through my body, so full of color and life. Experiencing them for what they really are…energy.
  • How nice it is to do for others with no currency, just a whole heart.  In fact, how much I dislike how everything (mostly) runs on a currency basis.
  • To NEVER fear my power.


I promise to continue to learn always and to share my experience and be open to hear yours.

May you open to your infinity.  You are powerful.  You are beautiful.  You belong.  You are already everything you wish to be, there is just some work that needs to be done to clean the sludge out of your body, blocking you from being pure love :)  Free yourself.